Our Tiny, Tiny Kitchen – Part Two

September 9, 2017

It’s time to post the follow up to our first Kitchen update. We’ve been working on several projects at once, but we finally have our kitchen cabinets looking great. The cabinets have been one of our hardest projects so far. Because there are so many moving parts, everything has to fit together perfectly, be perfectly level and square, and function correctly. It took us a few tries to get it right.

After installing the kitchen counter, we tackled the backsplash. We mainly took on this part of the kitchen because neither Eric or I wanted to deal with making the cabinet doors, because we knew that would be a big task. So why not put it off as long as possible, right? The backsplash in our kitchen is only 3 feet wide, but we hoped it would give our kitchen a little pop. We chose a metal mosaic that we cut and pieced together. We spread a tile adhesive on the wall, squeezed the mosaic tiles on, and then waited for it to dry. Once dry, we mixed a sand grout together and spread that over everything. We did several rounds of grout to make sure it filled up every little space in between the metal. Once the grout was dry, we wiped everything clean, and wow! The backsplash looked awesome!

This was the metal backsplash we decided to use.

We had to cut the mosaic for the end edge.

Spreading on the tile glue.

Piecing everything together! I love it already!

The ends of the backsplash.

Putting on the grout which was kind of a tight squeeze since the backsplash is only 7 inches tall.

Covered in grout

Cleaned up and I love it!

I love the way this turned out!

When the backsplash was finished, we really couldn’t put off finishing the cabinets. We first started with the plan to have shaker style fronts, but quickly found out that was a major headache and a project we didn’t want to take on. We didn’t have the right tools to make those style of doors, and trying to keep all the pieces of the door square so it would swing level and lay flat when closed was just too much work. So, simple flat doors it is! This new plan drastically cut down on our work load. We simply cut the plywood to the correct size and attached the hinges. After a few leveling adjustments, we had our doors!

Yey, the doors open!

Yey, the doors close!

After the doors were hung, we had to paint. I had always planned on having white kitchen cabinets to keep everything as bright as possible, but after seeing dirty handprints on every surface in the house I thought maybe white wasn’t the best idea since I live with a very dirty husband. (It’s not his fault. He just attracts dirt everywhere he goes.) Thankfully, we were wandering around Lowe’s one night (not an uncommon event for us) and came across a stack of paint cans that the paint department decided were mistakes for one reason or another. These paint cans were crazy discounted and we found a small can of premium Midnight Blue paint that I really liked (originally $19 for a pint of paint and we got it for $3.50!) When I bought this, I actually wanted it for the shower floor (yes, I’m re-painting the shower floor…) but decided this would also be a great color for the cabinets, too. (Also, how many sets of parentheses can I put in this paragraph?) (One more set and I’m done.) (Ok, last one.) (I promise.)

Since getting the doors hung to be level and flat was such a hassle, I decided to leave them up and paint around the hinges. That was kind of a pain to deal with, but I was afraid to risk taking everything apart and finding out the doors won’t shut properly for some weird reason. You just never know with these sort of things; one day the project fits together, the next it doesn’t. I wasn’t going to risk it. Once I ruled out the white paint, and saw how much I liked the midnight blue color on our shower floor, I decided to go bold and paint our cabinets with that color, too. I was nervous at first, but once I saw the drawers painted, I knew I loved it. The paint was matte, and I decided it needed a gloss coat to protect it from dirt, so I threw on one coat of a clear sealer just to add a little shine and protection.

When the paint and sealer dried, we put on our handles. The silver of the handles really made the blue pop, which in turn made the counter top really look sharp.The dark bluish-black color is better than I could have hoped. I love it! The cabinets were quite difficult, but the result is fantastic! Glad to know our hard work paid off.

Making a few final touch-ups to the paint.

I love the blue and silver together!

Ah! Heart eyes!

Also, I have to give a special shout out to Katie P. for send an encouraging note asking for more posts! I’ll try to get more out in the next week. Thanks for reading, everyone!



  • Reply Shelly September 10, 2017 at 2:27 PM

    I love seeing all you’re doing…and doing so well! The midnight blue cabinets are gorgeous.

  • Reply Katie Payne September 12, 2017 at 6:05 PM

    😍😍 I love the cabinets. They’re beautiful. That blue is perfect and your back splash is such a cool mosaic tile. Looking really good!!

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