No Time to be a Couch Potato – Building Our Storage Couch

December 14, 2017

Oh, hey there! We’re just jumping right in on this post since my goal is to knock out a few of these all at once to catch up. This one is quick, so, let’s get to it!

After finishing up the kitchen, it was time to move into the living room. Since our living room is so small, the only thing we needed to work on was our couch. A couch is such a natural place to incorporate storage, and we obviously wanted to take advantage of the space. We made our couch as big as possible so we could plop down and relax, but also maybe not have to get rid of allllll our belongings before moving in because we can squeeze them into the couch storage!

We decided to build big boxes with lids that open on the top for storage, and set fluffy cushions on top for the couch. After measuring and drawing it all out, we started on building the frame of the first main box along the wall with our large windows. That was fairly easy and pretty straightforward. Thankfully everything was square and we didn’t run into any issues when we boxed in the frame. Then we added the long continuous hinge for the box lids. After connecting the lids to the continuous frame, Eric used the hole saw to drill out a small space for us to open the lids.

Just checking to see if Eric can fit inside the couch if he ever needs some peace and quiet!

He thinks this will work, I promise!

Adding the continuous edge for the box lids.

Continuous hinge

Our first lid on the couch!

Attaching the lid for the other end of the couch.

We followed the same routine for a small box that would be the base of the couch in the opposite corner of the living room. We left a space between the the end of the main couch along the wall with the big windows and this small section in the corner, so we could add a section of couch that could be pulled away from the wall in order to set up our dining table. Once these two sections were finished, we painted everything white, and began the search for fabric to make couch cushions.

The small section of couch on the opposite side of the living room.

We left space for the middle section of couch to be removable so we can set up our table in the notch in the wall.

Here is the finished couch!

Everything is painted white and ready for cushions!

We haven’t quite finished the cushions yet, so I’ll have to update this later with some more pictures. But for now, you can see how the living room is coming along. Up next: the tiny house shower!

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