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May 8, 2017

This is just a quick picture-post update. Because there is already an extensive post of outside trim, I didn’t think it was necessary to write too much about the interior trim. I’ll include a few extra details in the picture captions, if you’re interested in reading.

It’s a bit strange, but for quite a while it seemed like no matter how much we worked, the house seemed to look exactly the same. Of course it changed, but it always felt like a box under construction. Just in the last few weeks, though, it feels like we’ve finally broken through. Things are feeling more polished. Of course we still have a lot of work to do, but our projects seem to be making a bigger and bigger impact each step of the way. How exciting!

One of the biggest changes came when we started putting up the interior trim. I know, I know…NOT TRIM AGAIN!!! Believe me, I feel ya. Except this time was a little different: we didn’t need to layer on 4 coats of stain and wait for everything to dry 24 hours in between each coat or make sure everything was sealed and water proofed. (Thank goodness.) For interior trim, we just had to cut everything to fit and nail it into place. Easy-peasy.

Full disclosure, I’m posting this update before we’re completely finished with the trim, but we’re close enough that you’ll get the idea. I will post follow up pictures later on, I promise. We still have to finish lining all the trim with caulk. Basically, we smooth out all the seams in the trim with caulk so there are no little gaps or lines where the individual trim pieces meet up. I already finished this process with the ceiling trim, and it makes a huge difference.

We also still need to paint all the trim white. We are waiting to do any more painting until the very end so nothing gets dirty or scuffed or scraped up again. We have realized that painting before the very end is a total waste of time, as most things will need to have major touch ups or be repainted altogether. So, most of the pictures might look unfinished still, but you should be able to see what we’re working towards. This is just a quick update with more to come soon!

Laying out the trim at Lowes to make sure we know exactly how it will look in the house.

We cut small blocks for the transitions between trim pieces in the corners.

The result of a finish nail hitting a screw in the framing…

The trim is up on the ceiling and in the corners of the walls. Still need to go back to caulk the seams and nail holes.

Working on the sills and trim around our windows.

We started with the bottom sill of the windows.

Then we moved to the top of the window. For the largest two windows in the living room, we decided on farmhouse styled trim work.

We then measured and cut trim to fit the inside and outer vertical pieces.

We then finished the farmhouse style with one additional trim piece at the very top of the frame. I really love how these turned out.

We repeated the process for the rest of the windows, without the large farmhouse frame style.

Our kitchen window all framed up. We didn’t include the bottom outer frame on this window because we wanted space for a backsplash around the faucet.

The inside of the trim really makes a big difference by covering up all the spray foam around the edges of the window. Everything looks more finished already!

The inside trim for the loft windows.

Making a few adjustments on the trim in the loft windows. We used much thinner and skinnier outer trim pieces for the loft because our mattress will be pushed up next to these windows.

This window in the loft was trickier because it has a wider frame that sticks out of our walls, meaning we needed to make a notch in our trim to lay flat on the walls.

Making the notch in the trim for the loft window.

The notch is ready to go.

The notch fits! Now we repeat this for the other three sides.

All done and looking great.

Thanks for reading this quick update. I’ll be posting again soon!

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