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June 12, 2015

Part Two of our flooring adventure!

On Sunday, after church and then saying our farewells to Chris, Anna, and the kids, Eric and I began the process of fitting in the insulation and attaching the subfloor to the trailer. Remember how I was saying that this job was so easy and everything was falling into place? That abruptly ended about 30 minutes after we started working again.

Too Tall

While Eric and Chris were setting the insulation into the trailer the day before, they noticed that the insulation seemed to be as tall or even taller than the 4 inch cross beams. We all reasonably assumed that was no big deal because A) the metal flashing that the foam boards lay on isn’t perfectly flat so of course some pieces looked taller than expected, and B) the very heavy subfloor boards would squish everything down and into place. Well, when we tested this out we realized the foam boards didn’t squish, and the subfloor rubbed against the foam making it sound like we were walking on a bunch of squeaking styrofoam coolers. Want to know what the most annoying sound is in the world? Walking on a bunch of squeaking styrofoam coolers.

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