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July 14, 2016

…And then we’ll take it higher…

Confession: I miiiight have planned to use this song lyric as the heading to the electricity post before we even started on the house. The song is actually really weird, and I have no clue what it’s about, but I’ve probably sung the chorus in my head at least a 1000 times in the last few months. Every time we do anything with the electricity, this song pops in my head. And, now I bet you’ll be singing it for a while, too. You’re welcome!

Anyway, you guessed it, this post is about electricity and wiring the house for power. I should clarify now that I don’t fully understand what went on here, so this might end up just being a bunch of pictures. Also, this process was a good few months ago, plus I was in and out of town a lot, so I missed a few steps along the way and barely remember the rest. We’ll just get started and see how it goes!

Wires. All the wires. Wires everywhere.

Wires. All the wires. Wires everywhere.

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