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Building Phase 3 – Sheathing

Big Green Box – Roof & Wall Sheathing

October 29, 2015

Oh boy, I am really falling behind in blogging duties. When we started sheathing it was still considered summer, but now fall is in the air! I am definitely a cold weather person, so the change in the weather is certainly welcome here. Crisp air, crunchy leaves, bonfires, and hot tea…it’s the best. Along with the cool air has come even more change to the house. With these changes, we also have exciting news of a sponsor for our tiny house: our local Meek’s Lumber & Hardware.

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After researching different sheathing options, Eric learned about ZipSystem sheathing. This sheathing system is far superior to any other product we found. The main feature of the ZipSystem boards is the vapor barrier painted on to the boards, which removes the need to use the plastic house wrap. The boards are self-spacing, so there’s no difficult install and no worries about future swelling or bowing. To seal up the seams between boards, the ZipSystem includes some amazing tape that is some sort of crazy combination of super adhesive glue and thick rubber. The ZipSystem is the easiest and most efficient way to enclose a building, hands down! Nothing could make the ZipSystem better, except for the fact that Meek’s GAVE us all the sheathing and tape for our walls and roof! Meek’s is pretty awesome, and we highly recommend working with them for all your future sheathing projects!

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August 4, 2015

Some people may have assumed we’ve given up on our project by the lack of progress, but I promise, we’re back! Due to unpredictable weather, plus a few trips out of town, everything just needed to be put on hold. But, we’re home, the weather’s hot and dry, and we’re getting this thing back on track!

After finishing the subfloor, Eric turned his attention to getting every detail of our framing figured out. Again, I really must emphasize how much more qualified Eric is at this project than me. I think the picture below proves my point. I’ll let you figure out who’s house collapsed….

Building Fail

Hey, who knocked down my house? Oh, gravity.

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