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Building Phase 2 – Framing

Framing : Part Two – Building Phase Three

September 15, 2015

So much has been happening around here, I can barely keep up! The tiny house has quickly transformed over the last few weeks. I’m a bit behind in our updates due to a quick girls’ trip with my sisters and mom, but now that I’m back, it’s time to get everyone caught up on all of Eric’s hard work. The last post was a simple explanation of basic framing. I didn’t go into to much detail about our walls specifically, but I’m going to jump into all of that today. Each wall presented it’s own challenges, but we finally got the walls up and rafters in place. In other words, things got real.

Our Future House

Our house…just not assembled yet.

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Framing: Part One – Building Phase Three

August 23, 2015

It’s raining today so we are getting a much needed break and maybe I can finally write this post. Eric has been working like crazy, and so much has been going on around here, I hardly know where to start. So let’s just jump right into it, and hopefully I won’t leave any of the details out. I’ll try to include a lot of pictures in this post, but also be sure to check out the Picture Gallery to see even more detailed shots of the process. The last post talked about finalizing framing plans and the tedious details involved in that process. Not long after that post, Eric wrapped up the plans, and it was time to get to building. Looking over everything and realizing we shouldn’t put it off any longer, Eric set out to level the trailer so the walls could go up.


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