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June 11, 2015

The Grind Down

Last weekend we began Building Phase Two: Insulation & Subfloor. What feels like 14 million hours later, we finally finished. Of course, going into this tiny house project we knew there would be projects that would make us want to pull our hair out. This was that project. As I mentioned in an earlier post about the trailer construction, we needed to fill the 4 inch space in the trailer bed with insulation so we could attach the subfloor directly to the top of the trailer creating our solid foundation. We debated about using spray foam insulation, but decided it was too expensive for this small of an area. Instead we opted for foam insulation boards that we would cut to fit each space in between the trailer’s metal beams. Easy enough. Well, not quite.

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June 1, 2015

Time to get building! Honestly, it was a little intimidating taking on the first steps of building the tiny house because once you start, there’s really no going back. And, going forward seems like a daunting task. That’s why I’ve got Eric to do it! Problem solved.


one piece down


The first step of building is to add a wood “shell” around the outer frame of the trailer. By adding 2x4s around the outside edge of the trailer, we create a wider base that the walls can sit on. With the wider base, the inside of the wall will be flush with the inside of the metal frame. Without the wood “shell” the metal frame is too skinny to support the wall, so the walls would have to be moved 2 inches inside the trailer to partly rest on the cross beams for more support. But 2 inches on each wall means a total loss of 4 inches in width, and that’s just not going to work for us.

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June 1, 2015

Remember when I said we prayed that the measurements we sent to the trailer manufacturer were correct? Well, it can be a long 4-6 weeks of prayer, my friend. But it all pays off! We picked up this beauty the last day of April from Scooterbilt Manufacturing in Rogersville, MO.

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At this point, I should probably mention how when I saw the trailer I began panicking. It’s big for a trailer, but very small for a house! It was scary and exciting and crazy all at the same time. Eric was super excited, though, so that made me feel a little bit better. Emphasis on “little.” Getting the trailer to the house made the whole thing feel real, and it was the first physical step in our journey. That part was exciting until I remembered, “Oh yeah. That’s my new home.” Just kidding, I was excited, just with a healthy dose of nervousness thrown in, too!

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