Hello! My name is Emily, and I am building a tiny house with my husband, Eric.

the fam

We have been married since July 2012. I guess things have gone pretty well between us, considering our soon-to-be living arrangements. Less than 200 sq. ft. is pretty tight living space. I guess it helps that we both love the outdoors, so when things get cramped we’ll be happy to go outside.  Eric loves fishing, I love kayaking, and we both like taking hikes with our dog, Denali.

Right now we are living in Republic, MO where we fortunately have lots of people to help us build, namely Eric’s dad, David. I’m sure I’ll get a few pictures of him in here against his will. During the weekday hours of 8-5, I am a graphic designer lucky enough to work from home. Eric fills those hours landscaping for a local company, as well as taking on some big home-improvement projects with his dad. I am openly obsessed with my dog, and you should probably expect pictures of Nali to pop up every now and then, even if this is a blog about a tiny house.

Over the past few years, we’ve realized it’s just too easy to get caught up in obsession over jobs, money, status, and stuff. We decided to take a step back and look at what we were focusing our time on…and we realized it wasn’t great. That was the catalyst for our personal “tiny house movement.” By living in a smaller space, we will be forced to focus less on our things, but rather more on helping others and having a positive impact on our community.

Living in a tiny house will also give us more opportunities to follow dreams not possible with normal rent or mortgage obligations. We hope to travel for a bit of adventure, as well as to help others all over the world. Eric and I also hope this new lifestyle of living with less can allow us to follow career dreams we never thought possible before. (Maybe Eric will end up being a blacksmith after all!)

We hope you enjoy watching our progress (and the inevitable craziness) of building our own tiny home! Thanks!